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Rico Mente's System   By Graham Dawson - United Kingdom

4.5 Star Review Rating

4.5 Star Review Rating

I was a bit disappointed with myself for rushing into this.

But I'm glad I did!

At first i thought it was going to be like all the others I've tried where you get to a point where you get stuck and then no one tells you how to get past that point and you end up losing money.

But I just emailed Rico and he set me up a Sovereignty System within 3 days.

While he was doing that I watched the videos he sent me so I could hit the ground running.

Anyway after 18 days and when all was said and done I had £3899 in my paypal account and more than £100 a day coming in.

I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who wants to know how to make money quickly. And to actually make some for a change!

Nothing is certain though but Rico's advice is very easy and fruitful.

I did think making money with this would be complicated at first but once Rico set it up for me, I didnt have to do anything much. I just clicked a few things and copied and pasted and later I had very real money in my hand.


Graham Dawson

Email: grahamdawson@mail2uk.com


Rico Mente's System   By Dorothy Burns - United Kingdom

4 Star Review Rating

4 Star Review Rating

I got an email from Rico Mente about a way of making money online very easily. I had to email him to say I wanted to join his sovereignty circle and that I was willing and able to spend half an hour a day working it. Anyhoo, although it sounded too good to be true but it made a bit of sense and I emailed him. I got a reply that day telling me I was in! All I did then was I went to some free to use websites which Rico told me about on some videos and after just 2 weeks which I admit would have been sooner because I was hanging the bag out a bit, I had £2909 in my paypal account! I had to pinch myself! The orders are still coming in as well. Don’t try this if you want to get rich. It’s not likely. It’s not hard to make a bit of money though. And I suppose I could try harder and push the income up to about 4 thousand a month if I tried. I would rate this opportunity as a 4 out of 5. 2 points for the ease of the method and 2 points for the money you make. It’s not money for nothing, you have to actually do some things for it to work (Thus why I'm not giving it 5 out of 5) and you have to be cool but it’s better than buying a flat to let it out. And you don’t need anything other than what Rico gives you.

Take care

Dot Burns


Rico Mente's System   By Malcolm Thompson - United Kingdom

5 Star Review Rating

5 Star Review Rating

I received an email the other day about using only the internet to make some money and at first I thought it was just another one of those things promising everything but delivering nothing.

The strange thing was, the website got me reading and it must have struck a cord because I emailed him about joining his sovereignty circle group.

When he explained to me how to do it, I was amazed at the simplicity of it.

All I did then was to go to a few websites that were free to use and follow his instructions.

Anyway, 2 weeks after that I had £8700 in my paypal account!

I’m still in shock!

I’ve bought all the biz ops going and rico's words of wisdom was the only one that made me money. The other things I paid for made me nothing at all.

Although it’s not a get rich quick system I would highly recommend getting in touch with Rico about this sovereignty system of his. His advice does work if you use it.

Malc Thompson

Email: Malcthomo@gmx.co.uk


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